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You may not always need to get a roof replaced, sometimes roofing damage can be fixed with some simple . Roofs are most commonly damaged by constant exposure to the rain, snow and sun. 

Because sudden weather changes can occur in our area, it’s possible to not notice a problem until it’s too late. It is crucial that you seek emergency repairs immediately if your roof is in bad shape to avoid the need for roof replacement that can be more expansive in the future. These issues can cause damage to your entire property. Your commercial or residential house in NJ could be at risk if water seeps through your roof.

ӽ紫ý, is a roofing company that provides the best, timely repairs and maintenance for your home. Our commitment as roofing contractors is to make sure to keep it in great shape so you can enjoy years of service without worrying about replacing prematurely.

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Roofing Repair - Roofing Contractors


Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Repaired


Cracking & Curling

If your shingles seem to be cracking or curling or missing entirely, this is a sign that your roof is rapidly approaching its end. Your roof may need to be repaired if your shingles become completely missing.

Stained, Damp & Constantly Dark

If your shingles appear to be stained, damp or constantly dark, it is likely that they are losing their effectiveness. The damage to other shingles can be caused by trapped moisture.professional roofing services immediately if you suspect your roof might need repairs.

Attic Roof Peeling or Blistering

If your attic’s roof is constantly peeling or blistering, it could be a sign of poor ventilation. This can lead to deterioration in the structure and increased humidity. You may also notice an increase in dampness due to a failing gutter system.

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GAF Certified Roofing Contractor

We Repair Many Different Types of Roofs

We don’t offer a one size fits all service. In fact, we make sure that there is an individualized and specialized roofing repair for each type of installation on your home or business. We can work with shingle roofs, tile roofs, asphalt roofs, slate roofs, and much more. Give us a call today for more information on our wide variety of roofing services such as roof replacement!

What are the factors affecting roof repair cost?

The cost of roof repair is influenced by the extent of the damage, the need for structural changes, and the type of repair required. The longer a repair job takes, the higher the labor costs.

What are the differences between roof repair and roof replacement?

Roof repair is generally less expensive and involves addressing specific areas of damage, while roof replacement involves replacing the entire roof. The decision depends on the extent of the damage and the roof’s age.

What are the pros and cons of partial roof repair?

Partial roof repair can be less expensive upfront, but it may lead to higher long term costs. It can also impact the appearance of the roof, potentially resulting in an uneven look between old and new sections.

What are the common signs that indicate the need for roof repair?

Signs such as sagging ceilings, broken gutters, leaks, missing shingles, and moisture in the attic may indicate the need for roof repair. These issues can lead to damage in the roofing layers and sheathing.

What are the key considerations when deciding between roof repair and roof replacement?

When deciding between repair and replacement, factors such as the extent of damage, the roof’s age, local climate, and long-term property plans should be considered.

Owens Corning Certified Roofing Contractor


Common Roofing issues



  • Improper Roof Ventilation: Poor or improper attic ventilation can cause excess heat, moisture accumulation, and ice dams, leading to structural and safety issues.
  • Faulty Roofing Materials: Damaged or displaced roofing materials compromise the integrity of the roof, leading to water damage, ice dams, and pest infestations.
  • Roof Leaks: Leaks can occur due to broken shingles, insufficient insulation, ice dams, worn pipe boots, or inadequate installations, leading to water damage and mold growth.
  • Water Damage: Water damage can result from roof leaks, standing water, and clogged gutters, leading to structural issues and mold growth.
  • Damaged Shingles: Extreme heat can cause shingles to buckle, curl, or crack, leading to water leaks and the need for repairs.
  • Roof Shrinkage: Shrinkage due to heat can affect roofing materials, leading to cracking, tearing, and potential water leaks.
  • Structural Damage from Storms: Strong winds and storms can cause structural damage to roofs, including fallen branches, sagging ridge lines, and collapsed roofs.
  • Damaged Flashing: Improperly flashed chimneys and missing kick-out flashing can lead to water infiltration, rot, and damage to the roof sheathing and framing members.
  • Clogged Gutters: Clogged gutters can cause water to wick behind the gutter, leading to fascia, soffit, and roof damage.
  • Storm Damage: Storms can cause various types of damage to roofs, including dents in gutters, missing shingles, and other structural issues.


Issues that come with Roofing Leaks

Roof Repairs

Roofing leaks can lead to various issues and potential damage to the home.

  • Damaged Ceilings and Attics: Roof leaks can cause water to seep into ceilings and attics, leading to stains, discoloration, and structural damage.
  • Insulation Damage: Water infiltration from roof leaks can damage insulation, reducing its effectiveness and potentially leading to higher energy costs.
  • Mold and Mildew: Roof leaks can create a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth, posing health risks and requiring costly remediation efforts.
  • Sagging Drywall: Water from roof leaks can cause drywall to sag, leading to structural issues and the need for repairs.
  • Fire Hazards: Water infiltration from roof leaks can damage electrical systems, potentially leading to fire hazards and safety concerns.
  • Improper Roof Ventilation: Roof leaks can exacerbate improper roof ventilation, leading to excess heat, moisture accumulation, and ice dams, which can cause further damage.
  • Faulty Roofing Materials: Roof leaks can result from damaged or displaced roofing materials, compromising the integrity of the roof and causing additional problems.
  • Water Damage: Water from roof leaks can lead to various types of damage, including structural issues, rot, and decay, affecting different components of the home.
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Rose Brown
Rose Brown
Bruce Katherine and Amanda are the most professional group of people that help and educate me on my roofing project. Their prices are very reasonable and they will work within your budget. I am very happy and satisfied with my new roof. Kudos 👏 to the ӽ紫ý Family. May God continue to Bless this company in All their endeavors.
Matthew C
Matthew C
I usually don’t post reviews, but I promised Amanda the secretary I would. I had their team redo the siding on the house, and was more then happy with their service and price. The crew of Paisa, Frank and Wilson were respectful and trust worthy. I had 4 estimates, and glad I went with New American Construction to do the work. Give them a call, I’m glad I did. Pictures to follow soon….
Damian Rojewski
Damian Rojewski
We had a great experience replacing our old siding on our houses. New American Construction Crew pull this of as smooth as they can. Excellent craftsmanship performed, all windows and doors details are perfect with leak free for years to come. Thank you Boys!!!!!
Melanie Buckman
Melanie Buckman
We had a great experience replacing our old siding and gutters on our home with New American Construction. Bruce and his crew will work with your budget, provide quality materials, and work quickly without sacrificing workmanship in addition to being communicative. He is very responsive and is quick to resolve issues when they arise. We highly recommend this company.
Mehera Pokale
Mehera Pokale
We were looking into different contractors to get our siding done. We met with Bruce and he was the only one who gave us an in-depth understanding of what work would be done and what factors we should consider for going ahead with any contractor. Bruce was very transparent with us and gave us a very good price. His crew was very fast and professional. It took them a week to complete the siding job. We are very happy with the work quality and the end results. Our house looks brands new now! Definitely recommend ӽ紫ý.
Laura Murray
Laura Murray
We just completed a rather large job with Bruce, and we couldn't be happier. We had a large concrete patio removed and replaced, as well as some stone work done to the front of our home. Everything has been completed on time and looks great! Bruce and his team are the best!
Excellent craftsmanship performed by the on sight team of Jesus. Bruce Chavez and Amanda were excellent to work with and very understanding. They made sure that we were happy with the results. Highly recommend them for whatever construction and especially siding.
gerald mui
gerald mui
Bruce is a genuinely nice guy and straight shooter clearly putting his customer's interest over making a few extra dollars. His team was professional and cleaning up every day after their work. I had structural siding put on my home and I also asked for an extra 1 1/2 inch of rockwool to be put underneath the siding to bolster the insulation value. Other contractors asked for 40% extra for the job just for this add-on. Bruce worked out the calculations for me on project labor cost and material cost and provided a total that was reasonable and understandable and only a fractions of what the others asked for. I really like the fact he'll crunch the numbers for work and can explain where the cost is coming from. My wife and I were very happy about their work and the way our home looks now. I'm planning to use him to re-do our roof next.
Dwayne Parris
Dwayne Parris
Amanda and Bruce are a great combination and highly professional. We had a previous contractor was unprofessional in their business approach and we then contacted ӽ紫ý. They were courteous, flexible, and also did a great job on our very old roof. We are "in line" with the neighborhood. Thanks again.

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